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Fine Art Projects by Italian Contemporary Artist.

Paintings, Drawings and Digital Art combined to explore and create a unique interpretation of reality. 




On these virtual pages I will keep a record of my projects.

Ideas may change and evolve into something totally different.

The mental process is a process of free association,

the aim is to understand my own significance following instinctive "dimensioning" of thoughts.

Alenia - Self Portrait







A. Alenia Laguardia


​​I was born in Italy on the 29th of February 1980.
I have received the basics of my Artistic Education in Italy, strongly influenced by Classical Art.

​At the age of 20, I decided to pursue my Artistic Career in the United Kingdom.

At the age of 24 (2004) I became a Fine Art student, achieving my degree from the University of Sunderland two years later.
Also, undertook a course in business and academic language.

By the end of the first year at the University (2005), Alenia's MusicArt was taking shape.

I do not have a favorite visual artist I particularly inspire to.
I am fascinated by esoteric and magic traditions, I like mythology, psychology, science.

  • Artistic Education
    2004 / 2006 | University of Sunderland Degree of Bachelor of Art (Fine Art Honours). 1998 / 2000 | Liceo Artistico "Luigi Russo" Specialization Porcelain Industrial Design. 1994 / 1998 | Liceo Artistico "Luigi Russo" Master of Art & Craftsmanship.​
  • Artistic Experience​
    November 2015 University of Sunderland "Your Alice in Sunderland" Exhibition (re-selected Artwork : The Unbirthday Party) September 2015 City Library & Art Centre, Sunderland, UK "Your Alice in Sunderland" Design Competition / Exhibition The Unbirthday Party Mix Media on Paper - February 2015 Sunderland, UK CD cover. "Matthew Boutflower, Stand Alone" - December 2014 Sunderland, UK CD cover, custom T-shirt Masamune - ​ Burlington County Library Westampton , New Jersey, USA Live Music Event Brochure ​- June 2012 Studio Q, Sunderland, UK ​Collective Exhibition - May 2010 Studio Q, Sunderland, UK Collective Exhibition - September 2009 Genzano di Roma, Rome, Italy ​Collective Exhibition - ​May 2009 Genzano di Roma, Rome, Italy 1°st International Competition “Natale Praeneste”. Classified 6th place with Gold plate and Certificate received from Athena Arte. - June 2008 Pavone Canavese, Turin, Italy Competition “Ferie Medievali”, Certificate of participation received. The Painting is still in possession of Ego Arte, courtesy of miss Fabrizia Tocchini. - 2005/ 06 During my years at the University of Sunderland a number of five paintings (Evolution) have been selected in the University to be exhibited in the Modern Art Centre of Washington, the exhibition lasted a month. _ September 2002 From September 2002 to August 2005 I have been a volunteer for The Art Studio Of Sunderland. Taking part to various fund-raise art exhibitions and auctions, also sharing my knowledge on modelling clay and painting. ​ Exhibitions : Various on location. Central Library of Newcastle. Washington Art Centre. Commissions: Cherry Knowles Hospital ​(A total of 6 Paintings and Prints have been sold; also small Art and Craft Creations.) May 2001 - ​ Sunderland, UK​ Competition for the Sunderland Echo. Design a Monument for the Princess Anne Park of Washington. Publication of Sketches and an article on the artist was released. - May 2000 Monopoli Civic Centre, Bari, Italy​ Impromptu painting competition, theme “The Historic Centre of Monopoli”, Medal and Certificate. - May 2000 Biceglie, Bari, Italy​ Impromptu painting competition, free theme. Diploma of merit. - May 2000 Istituto Statale D'arte, Italy​ Certificate realised by the School of Art Luigi Russo, for production of “Juliet and Romeo”. - ​December 1999 Bari, Italy​ Exhibition with theme “Bari towards the 3rd millennium”. Certificate. - November 1999 Monopoli, Bari, Italy​ Decorative panel with theme “ Free Time”. Certificate of participation issued by Dr. Emilio Nacci (department of health education). - November 1998 Monopoli, Bari, Italy​ Preparatory sketches for a decorative panel with theme “Juvenile malcontents in the 20th century”. Sketches have been exhibited during medical conference “Meeting of Medicine”. Certificate. - June 1997 Bergolo, Turin, Italy​ Painting competition, titled “Bergolo the city of dreams“. Gold Plate and a Certificate of merit.
  • Artistic Skills
    Artistic Skills : Painting, Sculpture, Digital Photography & Digital Art. Work Skills : Managerial Skills & Music Instruments Technician (mainly string instruments).
  • Languages
    Native Italian, Fluent English.
  • Hobbies
    Music : Multi Instrumentalist. Sport : Shotokan Karate (1st Kyu - 3rd gr. brown belt).
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